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When accumulating assets for your eventual retirement years, one often thinks they need to capture as much stock market rate of return as possible. We agree! But there is often more than one way to solve a problem. The traditional approach is to ride the ups and downs of the stock market and hope and pray that you retire at or near a market high. Another approach, often referred to as “indexing,” is gaining in popularity. Indexing uses a financial structure that limits your stock market losses while also potentially limiting the market highs as well. Long term results with indexing are often more predictable i.e. more consistent than market growth has proven to be. Both approaches may end up in a similar spot at retirement time but the “indexing” will typically make the ride along the way much more stress free.
Proper income planning is critical to maintaining your lifestyle and dignity in retirement. Unfortunately, the financial industry largely spends most of their time focusing on growing an account, while spending very little time understanding the complexity and unique challenges of distributing an account. A properly structured IUL could be a critical component that a retiree can use to their advantage when looking to build a retirement income. Because of less volatile returns, no market losses and the fact that you don’t have to kill compounding when you take a loan against your policy IUL’s can often distribute either higher incomes or the same income for longer than market accounts can.
Protection comes in many forms. We protect our homes, our autos, our businesses, etc. We can also protect against special risks, such as, stock market losses, future income tax increases, disability, chronic illness, inflation, and premature death. And best of all, we can secure ourselves and our families against all of these special risks with a properly structured IUL.

Steven J. Buller

Chris Lester

Chad Castle

Greg Gall

John Baker


Steve Buller is a partner of the Triquest Eagle Team. A field marketing organization that specializes in the recruitment and training of financial advisors, cpa’s, life insurance and annuity agents in Advanced training of Life Insurance and Annuities. Steve is also a Master Mentor and past trainer with Circle of Wealth.

Before entering the financial services industry, Steve was an Owner/Dealer Principal of several new car auto dealerships for 20 years representing Toyota, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Lincoln-Mercury, Mazda, Subaru, Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge.

Past president and board member of Community Hospital Foundation, member of G.J. Lions Club, past board member of United Way and current executive board member of the National Junior College Baseball World Series Committee.


Chris Lester (ChFC®, RICP®) is the President of Professional Planning Services. Chris specializes in comprehensive planning for families, business owners and executives. For well over 20 years, Chris has helped hundreds of families take a common sense approach to their financial planning. Keeping the conversations easy to understand is one of his true gifts.

Chris is a United States Navy veteran whose background and training is in mechanical engineering. This gives him an inherent ability to problem solve.

Chris holds the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®) and Retirement Income Certified Planner (RICP®) designation from The American College. Chris is also a licensed insurance professional. These credentials are testaments to his skills for developing lifetime income in retirement.

Chris is an Eagle Team member of a financial services training organization called TriQuest as well as a Master Mentor of the MoneyTrax system, Circle of Wealth. As a mentor and trainer, Chris helps advisors across the country with their client’s unique situations.

Chris is a loving husband & proud father of four children. In his free time, he trains in self-defense and enjoys hopping on his Harley Davidson.

Locations in Somerset NJ, Doylestown PA, Newtown PA & Chadds Ford PA.


Chad Castle is a partner with Nuture Wealth Advisors, an Insurance Planning firm in Waco, Texas. Chad is also an Investment Advisor Representative with Castle Investor Coaching, a Registered Investment Advisor. Chad has worked in the investment and insurance industry for almost 18 years.

In addition to being the owner of a private financial practice, Chad is a partner with TriQuest Aces, a nationwide mentoring and training affiliate of TriQuest Equity Management, a leading life insurance independent marketing firm.

Chad is a sought after speaker and trainer and regularly presents to hundreds of top financial professionals on the uses of permanent life insurance.

Chad is a certified “Master Mentor” with MoneyTrax/Circle of Wealth and was a recent keynote speaker at the annual Circle of Wealth College. In addition, Chad instructs new software users the flagship program titled “Private Reserve Strategy”.

Chad and his family live in Waco, Texas where he graduated from Baylor University and met his wife of 17 years. Chad and Kesleigh have four children, whose ages range from 7 to 15. Chad is a devoted family man and spends his “free” time coaching baseball and supporting his children in their various activities.


Greg Gall followed both of his parents into the financial services industry after graduating from the U of MN-Duluth with an Accounting Degree in 1988. He has been a career agent, General Agent, Independent agent, OSJ, IAR and he owns multiple business in the insurance industry as well as commercial and residential real estate rentals. Greg is a Circle of Wealth Master Mentor, and power user of the spending game. He has had to do it all in past but enjoys working most in complex cases, estate planning, and charitable gifting.


John Baker is a partner with Nurture Wealth, an insurance planning firm in Waco, TX. John has served in the life insurance industry since 1987. John is following in his father’s footsteps where he is a second generation, top life insurance producer, qualifying in the top 10 producers for multiple major life insurance companies over the last decade.

John is a sought after life insurance industry trainer. From 1998-2001, John was a platform trainer for a major financial software company, in which he taught over 200 courses to thousands of top life insurance industry professionals.

John is a partner with TriQuest Eagle Team, a nationwide mentoring and training affiliate of TriQuest Equity Management, a leading life insurance independent marketing firm.
John is a trained “Master Mentor” with MoneyTrax/Circle of Wealth and was a speaker at the last three “COW College” annual conferences. In 2015 Chad, and his business partner, John Baker, spoke on the topic of Qualified Plans and in 2013 and 2014 he spoke on the flagship software program entitled “Private Reserve Strategy.”

John and his family live in Crawford, TX. He and his wife Shannon have been married for 22 years. They have 3 boys from ages 10-20. In his spare time you will find John making custom knives or shooting target practice at the local gun range.

We know the financial business and with a combined 100+ years of industry experience we have seen financial products and trends come and go. We have personally experienced both financial success and failure. We’ve reviewd, tested, broken and modified almost every financial tool you can imagine. We’ve experienced the markets going up, down and sideways. We’ve argued for and against a wide spectrum of financial disciplines and strategies. Through all the years Growth, Income and Protection remain at the core of every financial plan. Our goal is to help the consumer navigate the financial noise and arrive at a set of decisions that are both prudent, lasting, with a plan that is custom designed for them.